Eco-Grass lawn alternative

Let’s face it, there is nothing ecologically friendly about a lawn. In 2005, NASA estimated that roughly 49,000 square miles of the United States alone were gobbled up by lawns. This makes it the nation’s largest irrigated crop area! What used to be forests, grasslands, marshes, and even deserts are now sterile squares of grass that do little to support local wildlife. What’s worse, our country turns to nasty chemicals and dumps billions of gallons onto their lawns on a daily basis. This is not sustainable. The simple and best alternative is to forego a lawn altogether but for those who want a lawn that is a slightly better alternative to the traditional turf option, we have a solution for you. Eco-Grass ( is the name Prairie Moon gives to it’s blend of fine leaved fescue grasses that are a good alternative to the traditional bluegrass lawn. You can find these grass blends from a variety of other vendors. Price sometimes seems to be based on the glorified description and photos rather than the actual product. Fescue grasses are slow growing but also “tip over” once the grass has reached 4-6 inches in height. If left unmowed, they have a look sometimes described as a flowing carpet. This type of lawn can be mowed as little as once a month, which still gives it more of a manicured look. This grass is drought and shade tolerant while still performing well in full sun. As a lawn grass, perhaps the main drawback would be that of having a moderate wear tolerance. It does not stand up well to constant foot traffic. These are non-native grasses and thus, like traditional lawns, the biological activity is very low but still better than artificial turf. Like most lawn grasses, fall is the best time for installation because of the cool days and relatively warm nights.



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