Standing at over 7 feet tall

Standing at over 7 feet tall, it is a wonder why sweet Joe Pye weed (Eupatorium purpureum – doesn’t get more attention. Far more tolerant of shade that its more common cousin, sweet Joe Pye weed offers those needing something tall and showy in darker areas. Given rich soils, this species really is a show stealer. It has soft pink flower clusters that are pleasantly aromatic. Clump a few of these plants together and the aroma will even rival the site. Of course, the scent of a flower isn’t there to simply amuse us humans. Instead, floral scent is meant to attract pollinators and attract it does. Everything from small solitary bees to some of our largest butterflies pay a visit to this plant. There are few sites more stunning in a shade garden than a flock of tiger swallowtails and monarchs feeding at the flowers. What’s more, sweet Joe Pye weed is deer resistant! Even when not in flower, the whorls of large, serrated leaves put on a display like no other. As summer begins to wind down, sweet Joe Pye weed is there to soften the blow. Make sure to add this species to your fall planting list. You won’t be sorry you did.

10600453_10154461218965268_1931566960560245415_n 10556443_10154461219000268_8661309800722614511_n


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