Lovely Lobelias

As a whole, lobelias pretty much sell themselves. All it takes is seeing one in bloom with the naked eye and even an ardent cynic would have a change of mind. The genus as a whole is quite a varied grouping of plants. Lobelias come in many shapes and sizes and their diversity of habitat preferences are considerable. Here at Prairie Moon, we offer four fantastic species – cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis –, great blue lobelia (Lobelia siphilitica –, Indian tobacco(Lobelia inflata –, and pale spiked lobelia (Lobelia spicata – All are late summer bloomers that thrive in moist soils. They start easily from seed and prefer a fair amount of sunlight. Lobelias produce a secondary compound known as “lobeline,” which deters herbivores. Flower colors range from some of the truest blue in the world of botany and some of the softest lavender to a red so deep that, when standing in front of a patch of cardinal flower in full bloom, one must almost squint to take it all in. A camera will never do it justice. Once established, lobelias can be quite hardy. Consider putting some of these species in your garden. Your friendly neighborhood pollinators will thank you.10553325_10154417385760268_8186277911502168274_n 1620436_10154417385810268_2101045614114067832_n 1426480_10154417385870268_9139059206482002259_n


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