Shrubby St. John’s Wort

As far as shrubs go, you simply cannot go wrong with shrubby St. John’s wort (Hypericum prolificum – It is rare that you get such beauty out of something so hardy. Able to grow under just about any soil condition you could throw at it, this lovely shrub is also quite resistant to deer and rabbits. Its secret lies in the toxic substances within its tissues that irritate the gastrointestinal tracts of mammals. It is, however, quite attractive to a wide array of pollinators. Bumblebees are especially fond of the bright yellow flowers. It is also a host plant for a variety of caterpillars. Given enough sun, shrubby St. John’s wort will take on a rounded appearance but it can be pruned back as well to give it a more dense habit. On the decline in some parts of its range, this species is actually considered threatened in New York and endangered in New Jersey. In the wild it can be found growing everywhere from stream banks to barren, rocky outcrops. This is a great addition to a native garden as it provides aesthetic appeal as well as ecosystem function. Humans won’t be the only creatures enjoying this shrub. Get your bare root orders in now so you will be able to get them when we ship again in the fall.



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