Culver’s Root

With towering spikes of densely packed, white flowers, Culver’s root (Veronicastrum virginicum – really stands out amongst the late summer vegetation. Standing over 5 feet in height, one could hardly miss the display. That goes for pollinators as well. At least in my garden, one would be hard pressed to find another plant that gets more attention from a wider array of pollinators than Culver’s root. In the wild it prefers moist soils and a lot of sun. Offering it these conditions in the garden is a sure way to success with this species. It can handle a bit of shade but it will tend to flop over after a while. Culver’s root can take some time to get itself established but once it is happy, you will be rewarded with increasing amounts of flower spikes year after year. It produces copious amounts of small seeds too. $50 per ounce of seed may seem like a lot but when you consider just how many seeds make up an ounce (roughly 800,000), it is actually some of the cheapest seed we offer. Finding Culver’s root in the wild is becoming harder in harder throughout its range. With shrinking habitat and increased pressure from white tailed deer, vast numbers of this plant are disappearing season after season. Choosing plants like Culver’s root for a native planting helps ensure that this plant will be around well into the future.


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