Baptisias in Bloom

Do you have a spot in your yard that doesn’t seem to grow much? Perhaps your soil quality is on the poor side of the spectrum? What if we told you that we have a wonderfully natural remedy to improve your garden’s soil? Who doesn’t want richer soils? The answer to your problem just may be the Baptisias ( These lovely legumes are collectively ref   erred to as the false indigos. Being members of the legume family, these lovely plants are able to fix nitrogen using specialized symbiotic bacteria that live inside their roots. There is a Baptisia for everyone too. Looking for an early bloomer? Why not try Baptisia australis ( With its deep blue flowers and pleasing foliage, it will attract pollinators from all over. Looking for a plant that blooms mid summer? Why not try Baptisia alba ( or Baptisia bracteata ( Both have lovely white flowers that are sure to catch the eye. No matter what species of Baptisia you choose, you are definitely getting a stunning and stately plant. With heights reaching 3 feet or more, a mature Baptisia is a sight to behold.



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