Though not a true hyacinth, Camassia scilloides…

When someone says “hyacinth,” the mind quickly goes to the European varieties we see planted everywhere in the spring. Though not a true hyacinth, Camassia scilloides does frequently go by the name wild hyacinth ( Common names can be deceiving though. This plant is actually a member of the lily family. Emerging from an underground bulb in the spring, wild hyacinth sends up a stalk full of beautiful whitish-blue flowers. Why this species is not utilized more in native plantings is a real mystery. It is not a demanding species provided it gets a decent amount of sun. It can handle relatively wet to relatively dry conditions as well. To top it all off, bees go absolutely nuts for the flowers! It is native to much of eastern North America, though it is absent from the northeast. Here at Prairie Moon, we do not ship bulbs until July, when the plant goes dormant because if the flower stalk breaks in transit, the plant will not grow that year. Place your orders now for seed and bulbs as this species is sure to please. Who doesn’t want such a unique and beautiful species in their garden?


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