Sometimes it’s not about the flowers

Sometimes it’s not about the flowers. There are places in the garden that call for more subtle beauty. Perhaps you are looking to fill a space between some of your more exuberant species? The rues (Thalictrum sp. – & are here for you! With that being said, we must point out that the flowers of both early meadow rue and purple meadow rue are indeed lovely. They just aren’t that big. Though it may not be all too apparent, the rues are members of the buttercup family. Plants are either male or female, thus only producing one kind of flower. The rues are wind pollinated and because of this, male plants produce copious amounts of pollen, which is a vital food source for many bee species. Their foliage is the real selling point. Reminiscent of a maiden hair fern, the leaves are delicately lobed and will add beauty to your landscape from spring until fall. They prefer moist, rich soils and at least a little bit of shade. What’s more, they are typically pretty deer resistant. They are easy to start from seed but we do offer bare root plants as well.


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