Pennsylvania Sedge

Spring is not only a good time of year to see showy wildflowers in bloom, it is also a good time of year to check out the flowers of some of our frequently overlooked sedges! One of the nicest and hardiest species of native sedge out there is Pennsylvania Sedge (Carex pensylvanica – This lovely species occupies a very important ecological role. They serve as food plants, shelter plants, and soil stabilizers. They can even serve as a growth surface for other plant species! Many different kinds of birds will nest in and around and sedges as well. Pennsylvania sedge is great for a multitude of different spots on the landscape. It does well in both full sun and full shade and handles drought like a champion. Never growing taller than 6 inches, many people have turned to this species as a great native alternative to a lawn. It spreads both by seed as well as by rhizomes. Its bunchy growth habit makes for an impressive display, especially when planted in high numbers.


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