Looking for something to really spice up your garden this summer?

Looking for something to really spice up your garden this summer? Why not go for some Liatris (http://bit.ly/1hg0O93)? This genus is full of plants that simply do not disappoint. Liatris seem to live two separate lives. For much of the spring and early summer they resemble bunch grasses. Their slender foliage serves as an important food source for many different butterfly species. Come July however, the fireworks in the sky are going to have some competition. Each species of Liatris throws up a spike of some of the most beautiful lavender flowers you will ever lay eyes on. Being close relatives of plants like Joe Pye weed, each “flower” is actually a cluster of small flowers. Either way, not a single pollinator will miss a chance to visit a Liatris spike. There are species of Liatris for a variety of occasions. If you have a wetter area of your yard or you are trying to put together a nice looking rain garden then look no further than the marsh blazing star (Liatris spicata). If space is of a premium then perhaps dwarf blazing star (Liatris cylindracea) is more your speed. Well drained soils in full sun? Well then you really have your pick. These sun loving beauties are truly a testament to Mother Nature. They reseed readily and will often form great stands, thick with beauty and splendor. A landscape brimming with Liatris is sure to draw lots of attention.


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